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How to choose an ISP

To choose an ISP, you will first need to have in mind what you are looking for. Different networks have different qualities for example speed- fast internet access, data limit- amount of downloads allowed etc. so in order to get the perfect network you must choose which quality you are in need of the most.

Cost wise the best value for money would be virgin media. It is about £4-£6 per month however most deals consist of the first six months free. The package includes fibre optic broadband, unlimited weekend calls to, landlines and virgin mobile numbers, and also unlimited downloads. Free installation comes with the package this is worth up to £50.00. It is one of the best values for money and can be worth it if used regularly.

The fastest working network is BT infinity. BT is 8x faster than the UK average, making it a superfast network. This is most recommended for regular Internet users and also movie streamers.

E-mail address
If you wish to use the service of your ISP for email then you will me given an address however there are some disadvantages such as… if you move to a location without a router there is a high possibility that you will no longer have an email. All ISP’s come with an email.

Data limit
The data limit on all networks is usually unlimited however the length of the contract and the price should help you decide on which network is better.

Overall most networks around the UK offer a wide variety