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How To Fix A Flat Tire
A problem that i seem to have more frequently than others is driving around in my car and all of a sudden coming face-to-face with having a flat tire. Ive been in this situation so much i could probably teach a course on how to fix it. So i've decided to give my step by step list of steps i take in order to getting your vehicle back mobile. Before i start there will always be different variations of how to fix this particular problem because of different situations/environments, makes/models of cars and types of tires used on the vehicle. But with that being said, let me begin.
Step 1- As soon as you find out you have caught a flat tire (the sound of your rim against the pavement/difference in drive should alert you to this matter) you should immediately try and find a flat surface/level of terrain to stop so you could have a leveled surface to keep your vehicle from rolling away from you.
Step 2- Put your car in "park" , and apply the "parking brake." (if you weren't able to find a flat surface try and find a large enough object in order to place in front or back of the tires to help prevent from rolling and to keep the car stable as you prepare to work.
Step 3- You will need to assemble your tools. (which should be a jack, spare tire/donut, and given what time it may be you might want to have a flashlight ready.)
Step 4- Place your jack underneath your car onto the hard portion (straying way from the plastic portion that some cars may have) and start to raise the jack until it is snug with the car and the ground.