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The Key to Getting a Great Night’s Sleep Nothing feels better than waking up from a great sleep. The problem is, we have so much going on and so much to think about 24/7 that it seems impossible to relax our minds and bodies enough to truly be able to sleep well. It only takes three simple steps to be able to truly get a great night’s sleep. Relax your mind, control the lighting, and get comfortable. Once these steps can be mastered, even a short thirty minute nap will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go on for the rest of the day. Unwinding in bed after a long day at work, school, or any sort of stressful responsibility always feels incredible and is fairly easy to do. Relaxing one’s mind is not so easy of a task. Thinking of a boring color such as black will help to calm your mind into thinking about darkness and lull your mind into a relaxed state. To readily clear your head of distractions, concede to them. Some sounds that seemed annoying before can then help pull you into a deep sleep because of their repetitive noise. Some of these could be: a ticking clock, spouse/partner’s breathing, the dog barking, car alarms, even emergency and police sirens can help city dwellers to find a comforting noise. When your mind starts to run wild again, simply let the black encase that thoughts color into a dark nothingness.
If the dark frightens you, simply keep a nightlight in the hall (rather than in your own room) so that the glow of the light is still visible but not lighting up the area where you should be sleeping. Too much light in a room will cast shadows over one’s eyes forcing them to stay awake or wake up. An easy fix is putting your arm or an eye mask over the eyes and trying to sleep like that. If you don’t like something covering your eyes or you just cannot sleep with your arm in a stressed position, turn your back to the light source or find a way to cover it up. While in the relaxed state before going to bed, light sources should be limited to reading with a book light. TV’s, cell phones, and computers should all be off or tucked away while in bed. The light waves are of a nature that tends to keep people awake rather than the soft yellow or orange lights of a low turned