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Who would be the better role model, Marilyn Bell Di Lascio or Sharon Wood? These two passages tell stories of Marilyn Bell Di Lascio and Sharon Wood, and they are both really amazing people. They both accomplished a really hard task by overcoming difficult obstacles. However, if I had to choose one role model between them, I would choose Sharon Wood than Marilyn Bell Di Lascio. To begin with, while Sharon Wood was independent in overcoming obstacles, Marilyn needed help from others. If a person once starts to get help from other people, that person cannot get over that difficult situation next time when they face a similar struggle again. There is an old saying that if we help a butterfly to come out from its shell, it cannot fly and just die. This means that we have to overcome our difficulties by our own strength, like Sharon Wood. She had nobody to help her in climbing Mount Everest. Also, while Sharon Wood was self-motivated in deciding her mountain climbing, Marilyn was forced by her coach to swim. Although she was successful, but some people might fail because they did not want to do it. In my case, I sometimes fail to finish the task because I did not have the patience to overcome hard things. On the other hand, if I am self-motivated and ready to succeed, I have higher possibility to achieve that goal. Finally, Sharon Wood has a better personality than Marilyn, because she used her money to help found a school in Canmore for the community to create a self