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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay
Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird starts with three kids in the small town of Maycomb during the 1930s. Jem is Atticus’s eldest son who has a younger sister named Scout. Dill is the family's best friend who they “adopted”. The story starts out as they grow up in the town of Maycomb. The kids start to go to school and learn that they do not like it. One day as the kids are heading back from school they notice something in a tree, a gift. From who? They thought Boo Radley, Boo Radley was thought out to be the neighborhood myth as a half man-half half-monster but as each day passed they collected more and more gifts. Thinking it was Boo, they started attempts to lure him out. One time, they almost got shot. Later they stop receiving gifts and life went on. Tom Robinson is a black man who has been accused of raping Bob Ewell's daughter. Atticus, must defend Tom and bring justice to him. Defending Tom came with hardships, Death threats for defending a black man and just the frustration and responsibility. The day of the case arrives and Atticus and Tom lose the case.
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Jem starts to sort of “join” him in defending Tom. Watching the trial for hours and thinking and hoping that Atticus is winning the trail. After the trial ends and Tom and Atticus lose, it weighs on Jem a lot because he realizes that “It [isn't] right,”.(Lee 113). Tom Robinson was an innocent black man who was accused of being guilty by a white man named Bob Ewell. The town, Maycomb, is a mainly white skinned, confederate town that is frozen in the belief of white superiority. Jem realizes that even though Tom was innocent, he was black, and in the end that made him guilty of something he was not. This harmed Jem's innocence because he was exposed to the wrongful beliefs of the majority of the town he lived in. That people could be so biased to each other just because of the color of their