How to Write a Lab Report Essays

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Formal Science Lab Report Template:
Use this template to report the data from your experiment. Max grade points for each section are noted. Reports that are not word-processed must be written neatly in either blue or black ink. Your penmanship could be the cause of lost points, and a lower grade.
Outline for all Formal Lab Reports:



Material List:


Data Table:



Notes for Each Heading
Title: Make your title unique and catchy!
Question/Problem: The question/problem might be assigned to you, or you might have to come up with one of your own, research and observe at this point, and add your findings after the question. Why did you chose this problem if it was left up to you?
Material List: Every single thing should be listed here that will be used in exact quantities. If you find you need more or less as you carry out the experiment, make a note of this.
Procedures: Use starting words such as obtain instead of get. Do not start each one with First, I went and got…etc. Remember another person may have to duplicate your lab, so it must be written in a clear, concise matter that will not cause error in their lab. Reproducibility is important for your experiment findings to be valid.
Data Table: Include whatever data table you use. Graphs of results do not go here; they go into analysis if you do them. Make the data table clear and concise.
Analysis: Look over your data, make and include graphs here, determine if your experiment supports or refutes your hypothesis. DO NOT be afraid of being proven