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The ad for diet Pepsi targets an audience in which it tries to utilize more of a sex appeal and welcoming hue of colors to try and entice the viewer about how great the product is, whereas the Gatorade energy chews ad gives a simpler, more generic advertisement in which it drives home the message of getting guaranteed energy for when you work out. Gatorade’s advertisement for its energy chews would be the best possible ad because it relates to the type of readers we have, it goes hand in hand with our magazine “Men’s Health,” and the simple message it brings home will be far more effective than that of the Pepsi ad. To begin with the Gatorade ad applies to our viewers more than the Pepsi products. Gatorade has been around for quite a while now and goes hand in hand with health and fitness. Readers of our magazine want something to help give them an edge in their workouts so they can look the best they can, whereas Pepsi addresses it’s product as more of a pleasure than a boost. Finding the energy to work out after a long day of work is difficult to do and that is the message Gatorade gets across. No longer will people get false energy from other products, but a burst to help you get in that exercise to look great. Pepsi offers a great advertisement but it just does not go with our magazine. We are based more upon health than pleasure and that is a huge difference between these two ads. Our image as a magazine is health and everything that goes with it. Gatorade chews mirror this image as it is a luxury to help people get healthy and feel better. They offer a simple chewable energy square, which is similar to eating a fruit snack, which will give you energy before you go about doing any physical exertion. To the athletes who read the magazine they might take this to prepare for the game, whereas those who just go to the gym to stay in shape might take this product to help them get through this work out they are going to do and get a little boost. The downside with the Pepsi product is it has nothing to do with our image of health. Pepsi is well known across the globe, but it is known as a luxury to just enjoy yourself. Soda does nothing health-wise which is something we look for at this company. Pepsi is not a thought that crosses the mind when thinking about health and physical wellness. Gatorade has been long proven to help you physically and is a healthy choice that ads some pizazz to it with unique flavors; now, with the addition of these chews, a unique texture is brought to the table which also gives you an…