Essay About Dreams

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To people they can be just an unreachable goal
Or an unattainable desire.
They can beacons of hope
Or just simply just a wish you hope that comes true one day.
To some people they seem like silly thoughts
And things we should not waste our time on.
To others its they are only silver of hope they have lost all hope.
It can mean to others their goals or even how they want life to be.
Or just something that occurs when you fall asleep
To me
Dreams were the only thing that I had to hold onto when no one was there for me
They were there to help me to keep going and inspire me.
They were the only thing I had left to hold on
They gave me a reason to stay
Because even though they were just dreams
Those dreams showed me
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The one thing I can promise you and honestly say these dreams
Are not only feel rewarding when you accomplish them
But they can lead to other wonderful gifts.
Through one of my dreams.
Which was to finally to be able to feel true happiness.
Through that one dream I kept fighting for.
I met my three best friends.
At the beginning when I met them we were just strangers.
Of course I did not meet all of them at the same time.
But that doesn’t matter.
My point is
After a while we began to speak more to each other and I trusted them enough to tell them about
My dream.
My dream of finally being able to happy again.
And they were there to support me and fight out the battles I needed to in order to obtain this.
There were a lot of tough obstacles but in the end I was able to obtain that dream I had for so long.
The only hope I had left for to live.
And in the end
I formed a special bond with every single one of them.
And these bonds are unbreakable.
I am living proof.
That your dreams can come true.
No matter how difficult they seem.
They do come true and the pride and happiness and accomplished you feel afterwards is