Hrm/531 Week Two Essay

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Team C Week 2 Discussion
Opal Hyatt, Richard Griffin, Reggie Reid, Sarah Schleeter, Todd Mengel
July 02, 2012
Alesha Alstoft

Team C Week 2 Discussion Collectively Team C is comfortable with the week objectives of job analysis and job descriptions.
Job Analysis
A job analysis uses the process of collecting information on how to accomplish a specific profession. It explores the necessary skills to complete the job, personnel’s responsibilities, and the working environment. A job analysis takes into account of recruiting for the profession like advertising and developing employees. After composing this investigation, a job analysis is able to constructs job titles, job summaries, job duties, safety and hazard
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All this data can then be used to decide the needed functions of a job and can be listed out in order to make a complete job description. A job description can have many functions and uses. One of the most common uses is for HR managers to post open positions. They can then get responses from job seekers that think they match the description and they can use the job description to decide if the job seekers resume and skills match it.
It can also be used for disciplinary actions. When a current employee is not doing their job effectively, HR managers can use the job description to point out functions that the employee is either doing wrong or completely ignoring. Another use would be for HR and Team managers to compare Job descriptions to be sure that they are hiring effective team members that have the variety of skills to complete all aspects of work that the team is responsible for.

Sarah Schleeter. When reviewing the main two topics for this week; job analysis and job descriptions I found these concepts to be pretty self explanatory. Both are important for an effective workplace; job analysis and job descriptions can be used in a variety of ways and by a variety of people within an organization.
I enjoyed the discussions that took place in the forum for the week; it was interesting to read about how some people were given the job descriptions for jobs they have