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HCI Chapter 2 Notes

Natural Computing-study of how people process & store info, manipulate symbols, ascribe personal values to events, attribute cultural and emotive judgements & how we use interactive artifacts to enhance our lifestyles.
• Main idea—information processing is natural for us.
• Draws from-cognitive scrience,cognitive scrience, cognitive psychology,

1. What is design thinking as defined in the article? A full spectrum of innovative activities with a human centered design. In my own words, design thinking is creating a product but not just creating the product but thinking ahead to how the user of the product will use it and how it could possible interact with other products or be used in other ways.
2. Describe the company IDEO? An Innovative and design firm that uses design thinking to help companies develop technology, products, and services. They helped a major health care provider Kaiser Permanente that wanted to broaden the experiences of patients and healthcare providers by coming up with and implementing new innovations with healthcare doctors, nurses, and administrative staff. IDEO’s mission is to broaden the innovation by creating new ideas and putting them to good use for the business and consumer. IDEO also helped a group of surgeons develop a device that was useful in sinus surgeries.
3. What are the 5 characteristics of a design thinker? Which characteristic do you possess? The 5 characteristics of a design thinker as described in the article are empathy, integral thinking, optimism, experimentalism, and collaboration.
4. How does design thinking happen? It all begins with creating a vision, Ideation, and implementation. Design thinking begins with an idea and then developing that idea based on the human factor. How the product or service will be used and how it will be developed into a broad spectrum. It is literally taking one small idea and expanding it to endless possibilities.
5. Define what the article describes as the "human-centered exploration"? Human centered exploration is defined as going beyond a business’ core base to gain knowledge from a broad range of people and in doing so linking their past thoughts or past experiences to expand on existing technology or products or create something entirely new that they can relate to.
6. What are the 4 steps that makes design thinking part of the innovation drill? Which is most important?
• Begin a the beginning—involve design thinkers at the onset
• Take a human-centered approach---factor in human behavior, needs and preferences.
• Try early…