Essay on Human Resources Recruitment

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"Attracting top talent to an organization has never been more difficult", are the words of senior recruiter Hamish Davidson of Veredus Executive Resourcing chairman who has more than 18 years experience.
Well developed leadership skills, the ability to shift attitudes and behaviors, the capacity to exert effective influence and work through others, the talent for successful partnership working and, most importantly, having the potential to adapt quickly to internal and external change, and to get that change owned and embedded in an organization.
These are the core competencies sought by organizations the world over, regardless of sector, industry, specialism, background or level. Because there is a relatively small "pool" of talent with
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The recruitment process is carried out be human resource managers and line managers.
1. Identify vacancy
A vacancy arises. Sometimes this is due to the creation of a new job, on other occasions it may be because an existing member of staff has been promoted or is retiring.
Assess the Need For and Establish the Purpose of the Position
The institution's goals and mission statement should be clearly defined and understood prior to conducting a search for qualified individuals. It should also emphasize the people oriented nature of the organization.
Perform a Position Analysis
The department should identify the characteristics and requirements of the vacant position and the personality traits that would most benefit the individual who assumes the position.
Whether the position is new or recently vacated, there should be a careful determination of why the position is needed, precisely how it will assist the department and the organisation in achieving its goals and mission, how it relates to other positions in the department, and what skills and other abilities are necessary to carry out its responsibilities.
2. Prepare job description and person specification
The job description is updated and an employee specification is written. The job description lists the duties of the job whilst the employee specification gives details of the experience, skills and abilities needed to carry out the job.

Prepare the Job Description A job description can