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Critical Thinking Assignment 8-A If I were designing a diversity training program for incoming freshman at the University of Akron, I would define diversity as differences between people at the University. It would include race, age, gender, ethnic group, education, sexual orientation, and personality. Providing a Diversity training program for incoming freshman at the University of Akron is important because you need to sensitize them to the differences of other students that they will encounter in their first year of college. The diversity training will consist of the students learning how to recognize and understand all of the different cultures through a combination of informational and experiential methods. In addition they will need to be trained on how to properly interact with other students who are different then they are. Diversity training will be required as part of their freshman orientation prior to the first day of class. Students will sign up for the diversity training at the same time they register for their college classes.
To evaluate the training program, surveys will be given out at the end of the first semester for all freshman students to fill out. These surveys would ask the students if they had felt they were discriminated against since they have been a student at the University of Akron.
Having conducted a web search, Navex Global provides a diversity program and the company states that their” hotline and case management clients have documented better…