Human Service Model Of Domestic Violence

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Definition of domestic violence has included a greater variety of abusive behaviours over time as researchers and practitioners have learned more about such behaviours. Violence and forms of violence have become increasingly difficult to define. Firstly, to understand the weakness and strengths of human service work delivery and via different modes, it is essential to the literature of what domestic violence. According to Astbury ( as cited in Fadwa Al-Yaman, 2006, p. 15) ‘Domestic violence will be strongly mediated by cultural beliefs, values, and experience of abuse’. Domestic violence is defined as an abuses of power perpetrated mainly by men against women in a relationship or after separation. The advantage that a male takes over a female in a family or partnership, in a society where such practices can be regarded as normal or not given proper spotlight and thus are not revealed mostly (common wealth of Australia, 2000, p. 5). …show more content…
These are more discoursed with reference to domestic violence. The face-to-face service model can be known as physical channel. It helps with more accurate screening which is unable to provide false information during screening questions such as gender, age, or race. This model also affords the capture of non-verbal questions such as body language. Furthermore, it captures emotions and behaviors. However, cost is the major disadvantages for this