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“Human Sexuality Education for Students with Special Needs” The article, “Human Sexuality Education for Students with Special Needs” was about giving knowledge to kids that have special needs, academic disabilities or physically disabled. In the reading it said how people with developmental disabilities frequently do not obtain sufficient awareness when it comes to sexuality even though it is a general human trait and that sexuality with disabled people can trigger undesirable reactions. Unfortunately, because they generally do not have the cognitive skills. I also read that, “The American Academy of Pediatrics cites findings that children with disabilities are sexually abused at a rate that is 2.2 times higher than that for children without disabilities(Sweeney).” Children that are both physically and cognitive disabled are both at risk for sexual abuse because they can not defend themselves. Later on in the reading the author talks about how unsuitable carnal conduct towards kids with special needs can stem from absence of opportunity for suitable sexual expression and they will be lacking knowledge of what is appropriate and unfortunate of social education. Also I read in the reading that, “The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that an appropriate program for children with disabilities cover the following material: body parts, pubertal changes, personal care and hygiene, medical examinations, social skills, sexual expression, contraception strategies, and the rights and responsibilities of sexual behavior” and I was happy that they have programs for special kids and agree with all the topics to be talked about. With that kind of program kids in need of information like that can learn more about their bodies and understand how to take care of themselves a little more and what to expect when in certain situations or when their bodies began to change. Also, the reading said that some parents may need extra specialized help and support after or when having talks with their child about sex. I found this reading very interesting and happy that they have information for parents of kids with special needs and for those kids. Usually when sex education is discussed it is normally not directed to special needs or other kids but to all, but this points out how to inform those kids who need more direction. I agree with plenty of things that the author said such as, “Human sexuality education for children with