my perspective on human sexuality Essay

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What I learned from human sexuality that men and women have the same sexual body, but men genitals are push out the body. Women gentials have been retained inside. That its not good to have a extra skin over your penis. Its better to get your son circumcision while there young because as they get older it coukd effect them in the end. The longer you wait more your putting yourself at risk of your force skin to cover your penis hole then you have to get a surgry and that will painful. One thing that really caught my action is when we watch the video in class about the African women have to get circumcision done before they can be married. If they didn’t get this done, no man woukd marry them. They believe that its good for woman to have this done but in reality it not. A womens clotris is what stimulates her more to want her partner and if you cut that off is basically like your sexual life is over. I learned that condoms are not the only contraception that can help you prevent getting pregnant and getting STI’s. its better to protect yourself than not protecting yourself. Just because you been with a person for so long doesn’t mean that its ok to have unprotect sex with them because you never if they only having protect sex with just or others. This class has help understand my body more and that your body changes over the years. That its good to give yourself examines on your breast and look at your vagina to make sure everything is ok down there. Now I am one hundred