Humanity Paper DUE MARCH 1

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Amanda Soto
Human Perspective in Computerized Society
Fairleigh Dickinson University
March 1, 2015
Second Writing Assignment Those know that throughout generations, communications and computing technology has evolved tremendously. It goes back to the Vietnam War, as stated the Vietnam War the first televised war. It’s been a common debate were twitter, Facebook and many other social medias, and how are they important in collapsing rules in certain uprisings. There’s many controversy about social media and all the new technology make a different in the successful uprisings for the government. For example, the debate of technology making a difference in uprising in Tunisia and Egypt and how they helped foster grassroots movements in many different Arab nations. Just as in a article I had read, that in the book Philip Howard, Howard believed that digital media was one of the most important and necessary conditions for the Arab Spring movements. He stated the reason why the media made a difference because its effect to change the way a lot of people think about their options. The Arab Spring movements, had a public of persons of a younger age, so it was easier to make a difference on how they think about certain situations. On the other hand, they are many folks who disagree with this claim. Sean Aday from George Washington University had concluded that new technology and media didn’t seem to play a great role during the 2011 uprisings. Stating this, they believed that some media cannot be reliable into supporting claims of significant new media and the impact on Arab Spring political protest. Going back and forth on the debate. A study in 2012 had showed that the new media we used today, such as twitter and Facebook, their post did more to spread information everywhere around the world. Which this had a major affect in countries and could possibly lead to a boomerang effect, having to come back and bring more pressure or even false/true information to bear on repressive rules. Every move is being watched by the media. It shakes up the outside world, who have different views on different things. Numerous people still had the claim that social media helped keep the momentum, of the different protest that began in places, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and continued to shake up and hold a debate on the different views. Some or many researchers stated that social media and technology power is only limited to certain organize protests and have not fully met the requirement as in helping people create a stable government after many uprisings.
March Lynch had said, “While social media boosters envisioned the creation of a new public sphere based on dialogue and mutual respect, the reality is that Islamists and their adversaries retreat to their respective camps, reinforcing each other’s prejudices while throwing the occasional rhetorical bomb across the no-man’s land that the center has become.” It’s looked as a bit of a game. Some activist uses different media to catch their opponents off guard, but in the end had been a boomerang affect when some countries figured out some of the tricks. As you can see, cell phones, satellite communications, social media, do play a role in these kind of events. It’s something that we should and have to applaud in expecting more of the future. I don’t think it would be squished by the “powers that be” Playing attention to the current situation in Iran. Many people in the Iranian People’s right to freedom of expression and freedom of choice. Talking about social media having to voice peoples opinion and being shows both, peoples freedom of speech and the claim of the impact that online networking sites, cellphones, and satellite communications have. There’s no way that technology is going to stop evolving, new things are coming out to send information from one place to the next. Although many seem to believe that social media doesn’t play a role in peoples perspectives, the Example of Iranians