Humorous Wedding Speech

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Hello Cat in the Hat how are you doing today, but I hope you are doing well.I want to thank you for the matching hat like yours I liked it, also Sally and Billy take turns wearing it. Thanks for lending me thing one and thing with my jumpin’ palooza my event for the little old ladies with no shoes. I also hope the thing-a-magiger is working since it’s crash in tagoon lagoon with the great big baboon. I’m just writing you so I can see how you are doing and talk about you coming over and babysitting. It must be long commute to babysit my kids especially in the rain and as a cat you probably hate the rain, also I believe the rain makes thing one and thing two act very strange. The thing-a-majiger is a roofless car so that may add to the unpleasant commute. I know that the stuff you bring for the children to play with is unique and one of a kind and can be hard to replace. Also I apologies about my fish, he just tries to see what’s good for the kids and I know he offended you by saying that you were a bad cat and to leave at once. Since you came to take …show more content…
I’m okay with you coming over just let me know like before I go to work so I can tell the fish to not be a jerk and give him his anxiety pills so he doesn’t freak out that there is a giant cat in the house. I trust you coming over and taking care of the kids, but as a mother I worry about them when I go to work leave them alone so next time I’ll let the kids know who’s coming as well and teach them about stranger danger. Sally and Billy got to learn not to let strangers in the house I’m glad it was you, but what if it would have been the robbing buffoon with his dumb baboons that would have taken my poor dudes. So really I’m just trying to say let me know when you come over especially when the kids are alone to let them know they are out of harm’s