Hungry for Liberty Essay

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Hungry for Liberty
A government big enough to take care of everyone is also big enough to destroy everyone. Welcome to Panem, a nation where one has to struggle to have any kind of voice in society, and once one finds a voice, it could possibly result in death. In Panem, the privileged ruling class governs the nation through their dictatorial exercise of power. The People are unaware of matters pertaining to their government or society for all they know is what they see broadcasted on television and what they manage to find out from others who risk excruciating punishment for liberty – the removal of their tongues to serve their lives in submission to the government. What they do not know pertaining to the legislations made behind closed doors could possibly kill them. The Capitol takes pride in their annual hosting of games broadcasted live on television. Except, these games defy the average standards of a pleasant and enjoyable game. These games end in one winner, while the others are killed in battle. In comparison to the Roman gladiator battles, the Hunger Games are watched and enjoyed by the Capitol as a pastime for their entertainment. While the Capitol sadistically cheers on the assailer, it serves as a warning for the People to comply with a ruthless totalitarian government. In Suzanne Collins’ novel, The Hunger Games, the harsh brutality of a totalitarian government comes to life when the will of the People is forsaken. While America may seem as if it is…