Essay about Hunting and Wolves

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Yaranely Chaidez
D. Tantalo
English 101
Essay 3
29 October 2012 Wolves in Danger Wolves have unique features; they are smart, sly, and curious, but for many hunters they kill them for their fur. Hunters take wolves and kill them for their fur. For example, the residents of Alaska have the idea that killing wolves are okay. Well, this horrendous and vile act that they are committing should be illegal. This act that they are doing is putting the fate of wolves in a dangerous place and they will be promoting their extinction if they continue doing this. “Killing Wolves”, by Sherry Simpson will give some examples of the acts these people do in order to kill many of these wolves that are defenseless, and yet get killed; almost to
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The decision to kill wolves has been very difficult for people because they do provide the warm that is needed when it is cold. After they have stripped the poor wolf’s fur what is done to the rest of the wolf? The carcass of the wolf will be thrown away and they will get more wolves and kill them for the same reason; even if they do not need them anymore for the wolf’s fur. The lifting of the ban has made hunters giddy and excited, because killing a wolf is a once-in-lifetime opportunity (Peralta). The main reason they are like this is partly because of the long-standing ban. These hunters know that wolves are incredibly intelligent animals with a keen sense of smell, so shooting them is very hard and trapping them is also difficult. This makes it seem in their point of view as a game to see if they can handle this challenge they are in. as well as they are spending a lot of money just so they can go and shoot wolves. Now that money will come from permits and licenses; the sale of the permits brought in $202,720 for the government. The sale of license is expected to bring in about $120,000 more (Peralta). Since the government needs more money they are allowing for the evil hunters to kill wolves so that they can get money. There valid and good reasons to kill wolves, yes they do provide warm, and also they can injure a person, but does that mean that we can also kill them for fun? As if was a game to see who can kill the most