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Stephanie Rangel
If I were to be a future leader here in the state of California I would have several obstacles I personally would try to address. One major obstacle that I believe greatly affects a student's ability to learn is the internet. Most information now days can be found on the internet and sometimes a student may not have a text book or some other source to get the information they need and even with that they are still limited to what they can find from that. Just about anything can be found on the internet and it is useful in so many ways such as contacting a teacher, sending a project, or saving a project to a USB device.
For this to be available to all students at any time would be a huge step and I believe would enhance their ability to learn! Obviously some students are able to easily get a grasp of a lesson while others might have a little more trouble learning something, this may cause some students to fall behind and lose focus in school, and a way of overcoming this barrier would be to give every student the chance to have a tutor after school to put in the extra work they need to do good in their classes. Technology plays a big factor in our world today and for that reason I think that it is necessary for every student to have many different, essential forms of technology available. Some skills needed would be to have a good way with words so that you can deliver your message better and persuade all audiences that what you propose would in fact help students. You should also have good social skills and a positive mindset to ensure you know how to act in front of others and have a meaningful impact. I would use my leadership position to further the lives of every student by making sure they have available to them all necessary