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Since the admissions counselor that works at Chico State came to my American Lit class and talked about the Chico State University, I have been determined to do whatever it takes to get noticed and get accepted. Chico State has caught my eyes out of all the colleges in California because it helps its students with jobs near the college or inside the college to help you pay off necessities and housing near the campus. Not only is it a University but it is also ranked “fifth place in the ranking of regional public universities in the Western United States by U.S. News and World Report magazine” according to Chico State news. It will be crucial for me to get accepted right after high school due to my low overall GPA. However I am determined to find the way into getting accepted into Chico State University in order to further my education so I can major in Business.
Recently I have interviewed a friend of mine, Paola Gonzales. She is currently a senior attending UC High School in La Jolla that got accepted to Chico State. I talked with her and asked a couple questions on what she did to get accepted. I asked her what her overall GPA was because the admission counselor had told us how every college has a different overall GPA standard. She answered that her overall GPA was at a 3.27 when she applied earlier this year. The overall GPA for Chico State is a 3.40 but students with higher GPA’s get in. I question how a person with her GPA lower than the standard overall GPA got accepted and she replied with “I know I was surprised too, but I realized that what helped me stand out was my high score on my SAT”. This made me realized that I still have a chance into getting accepted to Chico State with my not so well overall GPA. I did some research on and found out that the average SAT score for Chico State is over 1400 and my friend Paola scored a 1640 on her SAT after hard studying and determination. Also after doing research on CSU Chico I found how they look at each category on the SAT. The typical SAT scores for each subject vary; for the