Essay on Fuck and Stranger

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hello
You: Sign Language? c:
Stranger: no... not at all :(
You: That's okay
Stranger: are you talking shit to me
You: No
Stranger: suuuuuuuuure
You: I pinky promise I'm not
Stranger: oaky... i believe you
Stranger: okay
Stranger: you are amazing
You: Now I'm talkin shit c:
You: I said your mom is a fat cow xD
You: Cuz its the first thing i thougth of
Stranger: lmao
Stranger: rude............
Stranger: how old are you?
You: 16
Stranger: are you like deaf or something?
You: No x)
You: But here on Omegle, everyone lies
You: xD
Stranger: so......... you are deaf/
Stranger: ?
You: No
You: I can hear just fine
You: But its fun to watch reactions
Stranger: yeah i fucking bet
You: I really do know sign language tho
You: And i really was talking shit c:
Stranger: i assumed as much
Stranger: i dont think i could pretend to know sign language if i tried
You: That's okay, if you're not looking at a dick, youre mmost likely talking to an idiot who wouldnt know
Stranger: so are you saying if i was showing you my dick right now youd think i might know if you were faking it...?
You: Possibly
Stranger: dang should have stuck to plan a
Stranger: then i might know your true secret
You: Thanks for not
Stranger: you got lucky, man
You: I wish they had a no dick option
Stranger: dont we all
Stranger: i dont see the point
Stranger: like
Stranger: looking at it from their pov
Stranger: they are getting skipped 99% of the time, they have to be
You: Why can't they just get on a legit porn website? I don't wanna see that shit
You: But it is funny laughing at their baby penis XD
Stranger: yeah, i feel bad for some
You: I do too
Stranger: where are you from?
You: Chicago
You: And you
Stranger: florida
Stranger: i might be going to chicago at the end of the month
You: Its the greatest city in the world. You should do it
Stranger: well actually
Stranger: dupage?
Stranger: idk the event is advertised as chicago but in dupage
You: Most surrounding cities are
Stranger: a friend of mine says thats kind of far from the city though
You: Kinda, but it depends on where the city ends in your minnd
Stranger: i see i see
Stranger: whatever your imagination wants it to be
You: Basically
Stranger: is it really cold up there/
You: A little bit, it is the windy city after all
Stranger: haha word
Stranger: youre in like a tank top and shorts so i kind of figured it wasnt
Stranger: but cold to me is like normal for you
You: I love the cold, I'm attending The Polar Plunge on the 26th c:
Stranger: 1. i despise it... 2. what the fuck is that
You: Its when a whole bunch of people jump into lake michigan in the middle of winter :D
Stranger: jesus christ
Stranger: you are like
Stranger: literally going to freeze your tits off
You: Little it, but its for charity
Stranger: oh okay i guess that makes it worth it... i thought you were just doing it for fun because youre crazy
You: But i do live near the lake and have in the past jumped in just for the hell of it XD
Stranger: okay, yup, youre crazy
You: It happens c:
Stranger: i guess you could say that...
You: The best people are
Stranger: true i suppose.. :)
Stranger: on a serious note i dont think you could pay me to do that
Stranger: NOT WORTH IT
You: But it's so much fun
Stranger: yeah having my penis shrink to 1 inch is LOADS OF FUN
You: You know it'd be intersting
Stranger: okay maybe a little
Stranger: i would bring a wet suit...
You: Just to say you've done it
Stranger: or is that cheating
You: That kills the fun
Stranger: fuck
You: Come on, think about of fun it would be to say youve done it
Stranger: honestly id have to go all out then at that point with the speedo
You: Most people do
You: Last year i went in a bikini and tutu :D
Stranger: tutu...? okay.....
Stranger: i would have loved to see that
You: I wear tutus on a