If I was elected major for a day Essay

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If I were elected mayor

If I were elected mayor for a day, I would better the safety of our city. Do not get me wrong I am sure our police, fire, and other protective services are great, but every single day there seems to be more crimes being committed. A couple of things I would do to better our safety is have cameras in every Red Bank neighborhood this might prevent break ins or neighborhood shootings. Another great idea would be to have a stricter gun policy, this means to give guns to people with a license and people who do not have a history of crimes or are mentally ill. Also as major I would bring more excitement to the city. There is not much to do in Red Bank, so I would have more recreational events or buildings like many other cities such as Orlando, Tampa, Miami and more. Therefore, I would add more tourist attractions like theme parks and water parks. We would also have the circus and fair more than once a year. We would have crazy themed restaurants such as an upside down one, or a funhouse one. There are so many ideas I have for recreation that could change Red Bank. A few project starters could be building a place just for celebrities and others could perform, Example: book celebrities to have concerts at this place and not only would fans pay for entrance they could pay for food and drinks, with wonderful food and music people would love to come and see their favorite celebs. Also, they could pay to go onstage and pick a song to do a duet with a…