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Ways of Survival

Imagine a world where every year one boy and one girl from each of the twelve districts are selected to participate random, in a game where only one person lives. It's a fight to the death called "The Hunger Games." This game takes place in a futuristic North America called Panem and is a Dystopian word where the richest district or country called the Capitol watch this as entertainment. The Hunger Games takes place in a remotely controlled area by the Capitol with all different types of environments. During the Hunger Game, Katniss, the main character is trying to survive and I think the three things needed to survive is trust, the intelligent mind, and preparation. Trust plays a huge part in the Hunger Games and is not easy to obtain. It's important because sooner or later you will need to trust someone and this trust will help you maintain friendships or relationships, but some people cannot be trusted no matter what. For example, Rue trusted Katniss because of her mocking jay pin and Katniss trusted Rue because she helped her get away from the other tributes when she was up in the tree with Tracker Jackers. To trust also means to have faith in therefore when this is used in the Hunger Games a tribute could have an advantage in the arena. Some other examples is when Katniss trusted Rue because she reminded her of Prim. Katniss also trusts Cinna because he was aware of what she had to go through. Trust shows that if people are trusted more feats can be achieved and as a result winning the Hunger Games could be easier. Trust is important, however an intelligent mind plays an important role as well. When you have an intelligent mind it will make you think and thinking will help you start a different approach in what you are trying to accomplish. Using your intelligent mind you could think as the other tributes, what you would do if you were in there shoes therefore you could survive longer than an average person. An example is when Katniss shoots an arrow at the bag of apples knowing that it would set off all the mines in the field. You could remember the terrain or landscape and possible gain the upper hand in fights. The Career Tribute group contains tributes who trains throughout their lives to participate…