Immersion technology Essay

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Junyan Kong
Linguistic 12; Section #6
May 13th, 2015
Paper #1; Draft #2

Wonderful Immersion Technology, Wonderful World Nowadays, our lives are filled with all kinds of video games and wonderful movies. Amazingly, those immersion technologies only spent a few years becoming a part of our lives. In addition, many types of immersion technology impact our lives in many ways and show us another wonderful new world, like my favorite movies The Avengers and Avatar. They can help us release bad emotions and give us enjoyment. Some inspirational movies also help us be positive about our lives and become more courageous. The spirits in movies like The Shawshank Redemption and Three Idiots inspire a lot of people. However, some games appear almost too violent for teens to play because of bloodshed and destruction. Therefore, in my point of view, immersion technology has both positive and negative influences. We can benefit from these video games and movies by accepting the essence and rejecting the slag. First of all, I think immersion technology is irreplaceable in our lives. People spend more and more time playing video games and watching movies. All kinds of video games and movies bring humans infinite vitality and power, and show an amazing paradise in another world to us. As Rose said, “Two years ago, this month, as editors worldwide were beginning to debate whether anyone would actually go see Avatar, the $200 million-plus, 3-D movie extravaganza that James Cameron was making, Josh Quittner wrote in Time about getting an advance look. ‘I couldn’t tell what was real and what was animated,’ he gushed. The following morning, I had the peculiar sensation of wanting to return there, as if Pandora were real” (Rose 13). Due to the development of technology, people can make wonderful immersion technology which gives us a lot of visual, auditory and mental enjoyment. Characters in movies and video games have intelligence to solve problems and complete tasks that, in reality, humans cannot do or can just dream about doing. For example, in the movies, the Iron Man can fly like a bird. Professor X can read others’ thoughts. And Magneto can move things with his mind. There are so many special characters and people can pull themselves out of emotional traps by immersing themselves as characters in those stories whether the characters are just or evil. As Jones said, “The character who caught me, and freed me, was the Hulk. Suddenly I had a fantasy self to carry my stifled rage and buried desire for power. I had a fantasy self who was a self: unafraid of his desires and the world's disapproval, unhesitating and effective in action. "Puny boy follow Hulk!" roared my fantasy self, and I followed” (Jones 4). Elements such as fear, greed, power hungry, and rage are conceivable in video games and movies. They paint a world of mystery that we would love to explore. Enjoying these immersion technologies is a good way to help us control and release our inner selves. Secondly, there are many kinds of movies and games for education and science. Many schools and teachers now prefer using movies and videos to teach their students, because it is a more efficient and interesting way to attract students’ attention to learn. For instance, during this quarter’s physics class, my professor was popular among students for his special teaching style. He gave us a website to watch a movie before each class. Those movies were sometimes about hero, the earth or even the universe. They were interesting and also taught us lots of useful knowledge. All of us benefit a lot from it. By watching the movies, we could get useful messages and examples that how to solve physics problems. As a result, I find immersion technology can make studying more interesting and more efficient. As Wallace said, “On some levels, using a video game approach to learning a subject makes a lot of sense, and might work well with kids. After all, it's not your grades that matter. It's the