Time Magazine, Newsweek And The Economist

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As technology keeps coming up with new ways for people to find out about news, we seem to forget about magazines. Some people don't like waiting for the magazine to come out since they only make one once a month which makes us forget about magazines. There are many magazine companies some are about fashion, food, famous singers, sports, animals, and the ones i believe are the most important ones are the ones that carry information of things that are going on around the world. Time Magazine, Newsweek and The Economist will be the ones i'll be talking about on this essay. One of the topics I found interesting is Immigration Reforms. As we know at the moment it is one of the main issues being talked about followed by gay marriage which both are somewhat similar to one another due to the fact that they both deal with people that are different

Time Magazine has an article called "Immigration Reform: The Coming Fight Over The Low-Skilled Worker Visa". On this article the author is arguing that we all should support what they are trying to do with the immigration laws. They explain some of the reasons why immigrants come to the United States , one of them being to get a job that pays them better. This new immigration is not trying to stop people from coming in to work, but it is trying to make it legal. The way this immigration reform would work, is that they will give out a "W-visa". This will work the same way as a social securty number, which would allow immigrants to work