Immorality of Immortality Essay

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Immortality may be considered a blessing for the optimist and a curse for the pessimist. Some people would consider it a curse, others an opportunity. It is variable according to the experiences on has had in life. Inevitably, we grow weary with life, so if you ask anyone at the right time, they will say it is a curse. However, not everyone grows tired of it in the same amount of time- for some it might take 20 years and for others it might take 200. Immortality is a curse because you would have to watch your loved ones die, eventually you would have experienced
,kleverything that life has to offer, and the quality of life would have lost its meaning. At the end of the day, life is only worth living because of the people you spend it with.
Immortality is a curse. What will you do when you have done everything in life? What will you do if you experienced every single thing, discovered every single thing, good and bad? You'll just be wandering; only living on past memories and wishing that something new would rise to experience. There is no point in living if you're never going to die. You have all the time in the world, and after you've accomplished all of your dreams, you have nothing left to do but watch time pass you by and take your loved ones from you. “There are people that cultivate their pleasures and taste.” As time goes on you will be afraid to love, because you know you will eventually have to watch them die. Life as an immortal would change who you are, in time. Watching every generation die would have a significant effect on you and how you view others. Finding common ground with others would become harder as time wore on. Identifying with others and the ability to form a close connection would be difficult for a variety of reasons. You would soon have no one that had any history with you; your whole existence would be establishing relationships over and over again. You may need to keep your immortality a secret from others, significantly hindering the possibility of forming close relationships. You likely will avoid becoming involved with others, after the loss of so many over the years that you cared