Essay on Morality: Gang and New Formed Gang

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Earth is filled with Immorality.
Brian Naveed
March 13, 2014 Men are more moral than they think and far more immoral than they can imagine. (Sigmund Freud, where morality is present immortality is already existing. People in our world are filled with goodness but some sinners achieve to hide the goodness and show everyone the immoral side. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Malala are examples of moral people. However sinners like Gaddafi, Osama bin Laden are leaders of gangs that viciously kill and promote wrongdoing to hide the goodness on earth. Most sources of sin are gangs, they have been part of our society since earth was created. They are similar to Parasitism where the society is the host and the gangs are the pests that are slowly killing our world. All humans are unaware of the problems created by gangs hence this essay is to alert the reader about how evil gangs are. They target teens, destroy our Quality of life and torture people emotionally.
In our modern world everyone is surrounded by wickedness of gangs. Even wise adults cannot help to be targeted by gangs. Everyone in the society is like a prey, predators or so called gangs are targeting everyone. Just like a lion catches weak and easy prey’s gangs also search for weak targets like teenagers that haven been hurt. Their purpose is to console the teens with a warm welcome so they were blinded by their goodness. Bullied teens are the most popular prey for gangs, they take advantage of their situation and slowly blend them into the gang. Since teenagers are very hurt the gangs easily turn them in new gang members.
My research supports that influence from other gangs lead a group of teenagers to create new formed gang. Ponyboy, Darry, and Sodapop are brothers that are part of a big gang called The Greases in The Outsiders. These boys where young when their parents died therefore because of no parental guidance they formed gang to survive. Even though it was their own choice to make a gang the Socials were a primary source that influenced them. Socials were the rich gang who picked on the greasers and tortured them physically and mentally. The three brothers were friends with many other teenagers that were in the same situation. By their brotherhood they created a gang to fight off the Socials. Greasers are not the one to be blamed it is the Socials that influenced, targeted and bullied them. Thus, gangs in our society are ready to influence teenagers and pass on their immoral values to others. We should raise awareness in our community so teenagers and our quality of life our protected from evil gangs.
What is the point of living if we don’t have a good quality of life? Gangs are like a storm that enter our community and destroy our quality of life. Similar type of storm came to my life, I was conflicted with a malevolent gang called Taliban. They are now the most popular, powerful and dangerous gang in the world. Their intentions are to change the lives of people according to Islam, this is called assimilation. Taliban in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan are trying create a cultural melting pot filled with low quality of life. Living in Pakistan I faced situations where my life and quality of life were on a threat.
Mainly in four cities of Pakistan: Peshawar, Swat, Karachi and Quetta the Taliban have entered and made the country a living graveyard. When this immoral gang entered in my country they changed the whole system by spreading their fear and terrorism. Due to the fear the rights for me and the citizens were been infringed every day. By the sudden change in the system economic instability increased and there was an inflation. From the presence of the Taliban there was danger in the country and people were not as secure. Thus, the probability of survival decreased and people created extreme chaos to survive. Resulting in strict laws and