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IOM set’s new standards for nursing and set’s new way on how to improve health care for patients. Now when we look at the impact of IOM’s impact on nursing education, we can see that they are proposing to add more education and training to lower mortality rates, and help the nurse to give the best patient care. In nursing education, we can see that it does not incorporate some of the most complicated things of care coordination and transition. Also it does not put forward the skill needed to interact with health care teams, navigate the regulatory and access stipulations that determine patients’ eligibility for enrollment in social and health care programs, or understand how these certain health care programs affect the patients and their health. Nursing curriculum needs to be, in times, examined, and updated according the improvement in current technology and patient needs. The main goals will always stay just the way it is, nurses have to be ready to interact with different and unique patient needs and work as leaders to provide safe, quality patient care. At the same time, nursing education needs to be completely changed in a lot of ways to prepare nursing graduates to work together and effectively with other health care professionals in a tough and ever changing health care system in a variety of settings.

IOM requires all nurses to set their focus on patient that deserves a centered attention on their unique need. The Affordable Care Act outlines some new health care plans, and with these plans will arrive new chances for new roles. From that we can expect nurses to have additional roles to do in their profession for patient care. IOM has set a pace for collages to add programs have already been set and made to target the much needed improvements. To meet the goal of IOM I feel that we would need to get rid of the Scope-of-practice barriers. Nurse should be able to practice the full measure of their training and education. Also I feel that nurses should have the opportunities to manage collaborative efforts with other health care professionals and manage research to reexamine and sharpen the working environment in the health care system. “The more the education the better”. Nurses should be engaged in lifelong learning, keeping them updated about new procedures, and technology. Nursing practices have changed overtime, and there were more things to learn overtime, and nurses have dealt with it fine so far, so keeping that going is not going to make much difference. Learning is key to improvement and further knowledge and as a nurse that is really important.

For me to be a leader, I feel that I should be one step ahead of the others. And in order for that to happen, I should be able to practice of the training and education given to me. And it’s true that not all nurses come in to the field with the mentality to be…