Implications of New Technology and the Internet Essay

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‘We have modified our environment so radically that we must modify ourselves in order to
Exist in this new environment. (Norbert Wiener 1957).

In today’s world every organization is constantly looking for new ways to reduce cost, reduce the dependency on labour, increase productivity, increase quality and to be ‘up to date’ in any market. The Oxford English Dictionary defines “technology” as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. According to Bartlett and Goshal (1989) ‘firms operating in global markets will increasingly be at a serious strategic disadvantage if they are unable to firmly control their worldwide operations and manage them in a globally co-ordinated manner.’ This is where the use of Technology and the internet increases.
The internet has kept organizations abreast of the latest happenings and breakthrough in all respective fields. In academia, the access to reputable journals has given the opportunity of getting quality journals hence more papers are being published. For hospitals the overall training and research departments are now stronger as there are better accesses to reputable scholars and authorities from different parts of the world. For most companies through technology advancements unlike the past where salaries, benefits, allowances were all done manually, sometimes with many errors the process has now been computerized and most payments are done through an “e-payment system” which allows better accountability. With all this technology and the internet there is always a constant need for more and new technology which has serious implications on every organization. New technology impacts the business strategy, the culture and structure of the organization, the management process, and the workplace as a whole. For the business strategy, new technology creates new opportunities for innovation in a company’s product and services. For my company, we wanted to go greener, cleaner and quieter hence we introduced the aviation industry with the Airbus 380’s in August 2008 with a nonstop flight from Dubai to New York. The Airbus 380 aircraft is the most environmentally advanced aircraft in the sky, which burns twenty percent less fuel than other large aircrafts. With lesser fuel burning brings lesser C02 emissions better for the ozone layer and more environmentally friendly. The Airbus offers more space per passenger and can accommodate over three hundred and fifty passengers on the lower deck and roughly over eighty passengers on the upper deck. Larger aircrafts means less take-offs and landings cost saving for the company. However, with this new introduction it had its own disadvantage. In mid- February 2009, issues were being raised about this new A380 aircraft. We informed the manufacturer Airbus about power cables which were damaged by heat, defective engines and numerous malfunctions which were said to be a caused by two showers installed. During this time aircrafts were grounded and the organization lost confidence in the Airbus Co. In a meeting between Airbus and my airline, Airbus explained "Defects are traced back to their origin and have been corrected, we have already made great progress in this respect in recent weeks.". Five years later we now have over forty five airbuses serving five continents.
In regards to structure and culture within the organization, new technology has created significant changes in the way that information flows between employers and employees, employees and employees, customer and employees or even customers and customers. With the use of electronic mail and groupware, access to information is even greater. However securing all this information has a cost attached as information being dispersed unwilling or in secret can be a serious threat. The culture of the organization has been impacted as information is power and the availability and access to information 24/7 can change relationships and power influences.
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