Essay on important change

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WeiSheng Chen

English 101

15 May 2015

Important Change

There are many changes can be happen in a person’s life and impacts the way to do things, say things, and feel things. Some changes may not affect one life very much. However, other events could be important and change a person’s life. A life changing event can change you forever and affect the people around you as well, the important event that changes my life is coming to the United States to study. I have always want to come to United States since I was young, I want to studying there and have a good life experience.
When I was young I came to United States for every summer, I lived with my aunt and my cousins. As a child I don’t have to worry about any thing yet, I can having fun with my cousins and neighbors even I don’t speak English. It was the best season in the year because I can live in my aunt’s home and have all my cousins around me, I have always dream about coming and living in the United States since I was young.
Three years ago my family give me the choice of study in United States. First of all, I was exciting about it, but I’m not a child any more I have build up a lot of things here such as friends, school and living style. It will be a big change for me, Sometimes it hard accept new changes even though it’s my young dream. However, I really don’t want to lose a good opportunity and be regret after twenty years. It can be a first big challenge of my lift but I’m always willing to try and