Essay about Change: Change and Important Thing

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(1) Leading Change
Nothing is easy in the beginning. Especially that you want to change some things that you have already been used to it. A company must be much more difficult to change. However, when you have a sense of urgent and motivation to change company’s situation, everything might handle smoothly. I think that the most important thing is not to declare your victory too soon. First, we must under no circumstances take this lightly because difficulties do not appear only at the surface of things. Second, changing is the long term to deal with it which we are necessary to tackle much deeper and bigger problem.
(2) Switch
I think bright spots for changing means that we can emphasize “what isn’t working and needs to be fixed?”. Because there are many problems that we have to solve, we should choose the one which is core to focus and fix. One day we were asked to redesign our welfare for the staff in the hospital, and we had a lot of statistics and to analyze what kinds of welfare is much better for staff. However, too much data just stuck our thinking and patient to improve. The statistics is related to the elephant shrinking the change.
(3) Waking up IBM
They tried to change their habit such as replacing paper communication with e-mail to implement their project directly which let colleagues to use. They also always promote and propagate their project in the public activities or meeting to persuade others that is useful and better. The most important thing is