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Raill Peebles
Professor Wood
English 1105
11 February 2013
In Class Work In the case of the woman seeking her driver’s license I feel that her point was very valid. She was wearing her sari, which is a religious garment, and she should not be forced to remove it if she does not want to. In America we are supposed to have a freedom and right of religious beliefs. If they force her to remove her head garment then that would be a violation of her rights. Also it would be stripping her of one of her freedoms. Understanding that for a drivers’ license it is needed to take a picture exposing the face for recognition it would be good for the woman to show her face. So it is best to just ask her about taking the garment off of her face to get a quick picture instead of trying to force her to. She has a choice in if she wants to take off her sari and if she does not want to then she has the religious right not to. In her case she was right in my opinion to refuse to take off her sari being that it is her choice. Having the choice to say no is our given right to freedom of speech and she did the right thing.

I would like for you to consider a situation that was a recent court case in Florida. A woman went to get a driver's license and she refused to remove her "sari". A "sari" is a garment, chiefly worn by Muslim women that covers their face and hair (basically everything but the eyes). She stated in her court case that the "sari" was a religious garment and should not…