Essay on In Cold Blood Last to See Them Alive

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The Last to See Them Alive

1.Grain elevators is a part of agriculture, and in the town of Holcomb it is the center of their community. Life revolves farmers and who puts in a sufficient, hard amount of work each day. In ancient Greece, temples were the center of their community. Civilization in Holcomb is orderly and traditional prior to the murders.

2.Capote takes you on a descriptive stroll through Holcomb, Kansas in 1959. Over the course of his description, he includes that agriculture and natural gas are the main sources of incomes in the town. Additionally, the explains their history involving their bank closing in 1933, finally acquired a school, and the fact that all residents are lower and middle class citizens. A
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Their agreement on not buying stockings to cover their face is eery because they say “no witnesses will survive”. It shows their true intent of taking no prisoners and making sure Holcomb is forever changed.

10.When Holcomb citizens describe Kenyon as a boy who “lives in a world of his own”, they mean that he is always alone and focused on his hobbies. Additionally, his mother is introverted as well so we can see the connection.

11.The largest challenge to the friendship of Perry Smith and Willie-Jay is Willie-Jay’s hypocrisy. Willie-Jay went to jail too and he and Perry went jailmates. Perry idolizes him but is a hypocrite because he is a preacher, which is ho he rationalizes his crime.

12.The primary reason behind Perry’s involvement with Dick in becoming a part of the big “score” is the fact that he wanted to meet up with Willie-Jay. However, Perry missed him by five hours so now h can only murder the family.

13.Dick is the brains of the operation. He has every detail planned out but doubts that he can rob the Clutter house alone. Knowing that he is in need of a counterpart, he persuades Perry to join saying he is a “natural born killer”.

14.As the Holcomb community gathers at Hartman’s cafe, the initial speculation of the locals on who committed the murder were that it had to be committed by someone who knew the whole house inside and out. Whoever did it left the bodies scattered