In My Personal Point Of View Essay

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In my personal point of view, if I was to be asked. What category would my family members fit in? Such as moralistic, traditional, or individualistic political culture. I would have to say, it would be a mixture of Moralistic and traditional. I would say my mom would be more of a moralistic political culture and my dad a Traditional political culture. Having it that way I think my siblings would lean more towards which one benefits them the most. Moralistic tends to value the individuals and benefit the general public. Mom wanting everyone to be taken care of she would prefer supporting something that would benefit the general public even if it bothers others on the choices. Including her sons and daughter, someone that is willing to pay for what will benefit the next generation or something that is in need of help she would support it. If something is good to everyone like let’s say Obama care. Its benefits a lot of people that don’t have insurance most are okay with having it. Just a general amount are against it.
My dad in the other hand would much prefer the Traditional political culture he would rather take any choice or decisions without asking the family in thinking it would be best for all. It’s hard to put them in a category like these since I’m now just learning all of this. Moralistic tend to have a more influence in my house. Everyone like things that will benefit everyone around them. I believe people don’t like to vote for certain thing when they don’t…