My View Of Ethics Essay

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My View of Ethics

ABSTRACT This paper is prepared for Applied Ethics, taught by Professor. I am instructed to explain what my view on ethics is. I am also instructed to explain what my key learning points are, and explain any changes I may make in my personal and professional behavior, due to my better understanding what ethics means. To provide as much detail as possible, I will research the area of ethics to consume a broader view and apply the scholarly sources. Lastly, I will use my knowledge of ethics from what I have been taught, and apply that to this paper as well.

What is the meaning of ethics? The source of origin of ethics is based on the fact that certain general principles and concepts of the moral order are common to all people at all times. The ultimate object of human activity is happiness, and the necessary means to reach it is behaving with the highest moral standards. Ethics does not only direct a person how to act, if he wishes to be morally good, but sets us under the obligation of doing good and avoiding evil. True happiness can be attained only through a person’s own individual physical or mental effort.
My view on ethics is no different than the meaning mentioned above. I do my best to not do evil and lead a happy, moral life. Ethics are those morals that reflect and indicate issues that concern behaviors that are right or wrong and the good and bad habits of individual character. My core values I inherited as growing up is to follow the golden rule; “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and this is a principle I try to live by daily. I live by treating each person equally, just as I like to be treated and respect all individuals especially those whom are older. Having an ethical foundation helps guide me the right direction through life, being the moral compass between right and wrong. This trait guides my decisions when I am faced with challenging moral issues.
The comparison between both personal and professional ethics correlates to the same values and beliefs in both instances. These two areas build a foundation and if there is corruption in either area it will adversely influence the other. Therefore, I will maintain a solid personal and professional ethical basis to promote the ideal of ethics and morals in my personal and professional life. My actions and decisions in any situation define how society views me. I will be mindful about how others view my decisions, my actions, and me. Negative ethical decisions are noticed more frequently and