Inception: Plot and Cobb Essay examples

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The movie inception was certainly one movie to really concentrate on. Dom Cobb is a very intelligent young man. He has done what is to be thought as impossible. He was able to come up with a way to enter dreams and have dreams within’ a dream. This movie is certainly one to pay attention to as Cobb goes from one dream to the next completing the mission he was given from Saito. Non-linear means “not a straight line”. When something is non-linear it means that nothing goes in order and everything is jumbled up until it all comes together at the end. Inception is a non-linear movie. All of the scenes don’t go in order and they jump from one to the other. As you watch the movie you’ll see one scene that’s reality and then it jumps to dream A and then B and then A again and then C and D. It goes on and on and sometime you don’t know the plot until it all gets rapped up in the end. What also makes Inception non-linear is that the movie starts and ends the same way. It starts with Cobb laying on the sand on the beach and Saito being old and then as the movie goes on and becomes jumbled with the different dreams and finally at the ending of the movie it goes back to Cobb on the beach and Saito being an old man. If Inception was in a linear plot format you would need to switch around the entire movie. Each scene would have to move so it would be in chronological order and in a straight line from beginning to end. One of the main things that would need to change is the first scene at the beginning of the movie. That scene would only need to be at the end and not at the beginning and the end. If the opening scene didn’t get taken out it would “spoil” the plot and everything thats going to happen throughout the movie. There is a major subplot in the movie Inception. Its basically a smaller plot that is inside the bigger picture of the movie. An example would the relationship between Dom and Mol. There relationship adds conflict to the plot because Mol keeps popping up within each dream