Increasing Minimum Wage Essay

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One might believe that the increase in the minimum wage is the solution to today’s economic crisis. The minimum wage increase is when the government mandates a raise in the lowest acceptable pay. Raising the minimum wage is supposed to improve the life of the lower class. The minimum wage hike could hurt the ones it is intended to help.
Initially, a hike in the minimum wage may discourage minimum wage workers from earning a degree. College is expensive, if someone has the chance to make the same amount of money as someone who has paid a lot of money to receive a college education, earning a degree may not seem as enticing. (Consequence) Going to college is a lot of hard work. When more people decide to not earn a degree, the less educated people will lead
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People may think that a raise in the minimum wage will boost the economy, but in fact it will worsen. (Opposition) With an increased income, comes increase in wage taxes. This is not going to make an impact on the overall take home pay, making the minimum wage hike pointless. The popular chain restaurant Chipotle may start to increase their prices due to the cost of paying their employees (Yerak). (Consequence) Employers are going to struggle in order to keep the doors of their establishment open. Losing money in order to pay their employees a higher wage will lead to the continuous increase of prices. TRY TO FIND ANOTHER CD CM CM CONCLUSION All in all, if something is meant to assist people and does not like the minimum wage hike, it should not happen. Not only does it defeat the purpose of itself, it worsens things that should not be effected by it. Sometimes people forget that for every action, there could be an equally detriment reaction even if that thing is intended to do better. The minimum wage should not be put into effect because instead of helping the economy, it would hurt