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Media verses Independent Journalism.
In the United States there are numerous sources of news and media. With every source comes a different perspective on the current topic or issue being reported to the people of this country. There are many who believe that some of these news sources are influenced by the government or companies who have hidden agendas or will benefit from a false representation of the story. However, those who believe this and go against mainstream media and news sources are often labeled as conspiracy theorists or anti-establishment nut cases. These groups often report what is known as Independent journalism, they claim to be free of governmental persuasion and state that they are reporting the truth to America hoping to remove the cover ups that the Mainstream media is reporting. Since both sides of the argument believe they are the side telling the truth it is up to the people of the United States to make up their own mind as what they believe to be true. The media and Independent journalist are not to be believed until we the people of the United States take the time to evaluate both sides of a story being reported and think for ourselves to determine what we want to believe, we need to stop letting the different forms of media think for us or tell us what to believe.
The media and government hide or elude the truth on many different subjects from the people of this country. Through Independent journalism, there are many reporters trying to alert the public to conspiracy theories and cover-ups happening within our own government. Our government has a division known as the National Security Agency or the NSA. The role of the NSA is to monitor the activities of known terrorists or suspect people who may be a threat to the security of the United States. Currently there is a debate about the NSA and the surveillance techniques they are using to watch people and their digital personas. The NSA claims they are tracking people for national security reasons trying to weed out terrorist with in the nation. To many this random screening of Americans violates our constitutional right in regards to privacy. Our current president Obama states that there is nothing wrong with the NSA watching people and their actions but many Americans feel differently. Steve Watson reports on the NSA and how Rand Paul states that “Obama is a “Fox Guarding the Henhouse” in overseeing the NSA”. Rand Paul states “We can’t allow the White House to be the one in charge of overseeing the White House”. The fact that “They say collecting all your records is not spying, it is spying”! The government uses the media to give a false sense of security to people by telling them there is nothing to worry about. The NSA claims that there investigations or record keeping is to keep an eye out for terrorist however, Independent Analysis Reports this week that indicate NSA spying has absolutely no impact on preventing terrorism. Rand Paul states that he doesn’t “think that there is one terrorist that has been stopped by any of this data. It is extraordinarily expensive. And’ it’s extraordinarily intrusive into American lives”. This type of government is not the way a country should report or act with the people. “It is unconstitutional, and has to stop” Paul declares. As Americans we need to see the different sides of the media and the different opinions on the same topics to make an educated decision on what the truth is for this is not the first time one of these situations has happened in this country.
Throughout the years, the government has been involved in situations where they feel they need to hide their actions from the people of this country. They have used the media to report one story only to hide the truth from ever getting exposed. One example is the JFK Assassination. Two weeks after the shooting of JFK “the Gallop poll showed 52% of Americans blamed a force larger than Lee Harvey Oswald for the Presidents death” even though the