The Spanish American War: The Splendid Little War

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The Spanish American war also known as “The Splendid Little war” started in April 1898. The United States claimed that they did not want to get involved in this war because they did not want to jeopardize any allies they had, but they were forced to get involved because of the sinking of the U.S.S Maine, the De Lomé letter being released to the press bad mouthing President William McKinley and Yellow Journalism. Getting into this war was a good decision that the United states had made.

The sinking of the U.S.S Maine played a major role in why the United States had joined. The U.S.S Maine was sunk, February 15, 1898, in Havana Cuba. The U.S.S Maine was one of the first battleships made for America and it was worth more than two-million dollars.
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The De Lomé letter was written on February 9, 1898 by Enrique Dupuy de Lomé, the Ambassador of Spain, criticizing the United States President, William McKinley. The letter consisted of President McKinley being criticised about how his help and his past decisions have not helped Cuba in any way and that their situation had not changed it also said, "It shows once more that McKinley is weak and catering to the rabble”. The letter was intended to be seen by José Canalejas only, but the letter coincidentally fell into the hands of Cuban rebels who sent the letter off to America. Then, Cuban refugees in America had taken the letter to the Secretary of state, William R. Day, exposing Enrique. The head reporter of the New York Journal had published the letter in newspapers across the country causing the citizens of America to become upset. President McKinley was livid with the situation and wanted an apology from the Ambassador immediately. Soon after the letter was published the Ambassador resigned from his position. Thus, causing President McKinley to inch closer to joining the …show more content…
Yellow journalism is also the reason why the Spanish-American war received the nickname “Media war”. Yellow journalism was the main source of propaganda during the Spanish-American war. It was also the cause of the rivalry between the newspapers New York Journal and the New York World. For there being two sources of propaganda it spread faster than expected. One of the most popular characters used for yellow journalism is the “Yellow Kid”. The Yellow kid was often used to change public opinions especially on the Spanish-American war. It is said that Hearts, the head reporter of New York Journal, saw this war as an opportunity to higher is sale rates and make more money, so he continued to publish the propaganda and raised awareness of the War. In the propaganda it shows how Spain is a horrible country and is the main cause of the war. Thus causing Americans to be filled with anger and causing them to buy war bonds and enlist into the