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The colony I researched was India. Throughout India’s early history, many dynasties and empires rose and fell, meaning in control and not in control. After centuries of being ruled by many different groups, India was visited by a man. His name was Vasco de Gama, and he was a Portuguese explorer. In 1498. Many Europeans, including the French, Dutch and British continued until the 17th century. That’s when the British East India Company established itself in the country, setting events that resulted in the British Empire which was India’s inclusion. (
The economy moved to new and different market systems. Their was no common system, and many rulers made their own currency. Trade was for precious metals. The British soon changed things. The British introduced infrastructure which included rail networks and roads, they set up factories and communication systems to help organize trade and create one currency. The British wanted the Indians to have an organized way of living.
The Indians felt as if their land was stolen. Every single treaty ever made by the Indians was broken by the Americans. This was hard for the Indians because they had onced lived only by their own words. The Indians were not permitted to speak their language. Their children were taken away and sent to schools to hate their original ancestry. They were not allowed to practice any spiritual rituals and were starved,