Inequality and Poverty Essay

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Imagine that you and your next door neighbor were going to run a foot race. Then, your neighbor's friend holds you stationery until your neighbor has completed a great portion of the race. Finally, your neighbor's friend releases you so that you may complete in the race. Sprinting vigorously and freely, it would be nearly impossible to win. Could you win or at minimum, could you be any type of competition? This analogy is equivalent to the governmental position taken in the 1960's particularly 1968—the year that the Civil Right's Act was enacted. But, why mention the Civil Right's Act, everyone is equal now right? Wrong! The act was a success on paper, but failed to do the most important thing, and that is to give people in poverty …show more content…
Unfortunately, the practice of "affirmative action" is the very act that excluded minorities in America from upward mobility. When a qualified individual doesn't receive a job to feed their family because of exclusion due to fear and ignorance this is the "affirmative action" that has realistically been an institution for hundreds of years. Alternatively, the legal term Affirmative Action is not viewed as positive in America because most business owners are not minorities. The continuous resistance to employ a qualified, disadvantaged individual over a best friend's sister's nephew's cousin—whom the business owner "trusts"—is fair from kosher behavior. Shamefully, this practice is not mentioned as form of discrimination in the company of many white Americans, instead they chose to label it nepotism. Moreover, the U.S. government could have done something honorable, for instance, adopting a system similar to Germany, where they do not tolerate discrimination whatsoever, as a direct approach to correct an obvious issue of unfair treatment. Instead government officials stood by, collected not only citizen's tax money as their income, but also the large monetary contributions given by non-minority groups and individuals, tilting the equilibrium unfavorably against powerless minorities. The Federal Government knew that there was an economic disparity and basically did