Influence Of Disney Movies

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“Can’t Wait To Be King”, “Kiss The Girl”, “A Whole New World”, and “So This Is Love” are all songs that most people know and little kids love. They were songs sung by characters that make for popular Halloween costumes. These songs were part of your childhood movies. Yes, they were Disney songs from Disney movies. While many people love these movies and songs, they do not think often of the creator of it all, Walt Disney. Walt, the great person who made our childhood memorable.
“Probably the only man to have been praised by both the American Legion and the Soviet Union.”(Gabler xii). Yes, Walt was praised for many other things that he did, but he did not get that praise by sitting back waiting for the stars to align for him, he worked for
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Many people will say,”Of course he’s not bad!”, but some people will argue that Walt Disney was a racist, and didn’t like the image of anything less than perfect. While filming Cinderella the script read, “-another girl very skinny sitting in a chair- they are eating out of it- slim girl puts down book- she is cross-eyed- she begins talking to fat girl- fat girl answers back.” (Gabler 67) This is considered a ‘less than perfect’ image, and some people will be offended by that, Walt was just trying to show the difference between someone who was spoiled and never told no, as opposed to someone who never got enough, or anything they wanted. Walt never let his setbacks get to him, “I never once heard Walt say anything that would sound like defeat.” (Gabler 72) One of the things I admire about him so much. “...Art Babbitt in later years claimed to have actually seen Walt and Gunther Lessing at Bund meetings of Nazi sympathizers.” (Gabler 448) This contrasts to “... Walt prepared a Nazi-themed version of Chicken Little in which Foxey Loxey gains access to the chicken coop by deploying Nazi tactics.” (390) Walt is just poking fun at Hitler then. “Like most white Americans of his generation, however, he was racially insensitive. At a story meeting he had referred to the dwarves piling on top of one another in Snow White as a “nigger pile”...” (Gabler 433) Walt was a person who