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Topic: Technology and Social Media
Specific Purpose: To inform my Communication 101 Class about the negative effects of technology and social media.
Central Idea: As we live caught up in this busy life, we do not see the downfall to social media, and how technology has taken over our world. It creates insecurities; it takes up most of your time, and leads to failure in relationships.

Attention Getter: How many times do you check your smartphone? Yes, I bet that was a hard question to answer. According to the Mobile Mindset Study conducted by Security App Lookout, 58% of U.S. smartphone owners check their phone at least every hour; and a large share check their phones while in bed or in the bathroom.
Relevance to Audience: I think it is safe to say we all have smartphones, and if not, some kind of phone. As you are out in public, you can spot the smartphones all around you. If you stop and think about how much you are on Instagram, Facebook, or whatever app you use the most, it is pretty convicting.
Credibility Material: Though social media and technology is a common theme in our world today, there is a generation that cannot relate. Most elderly people do not have technology, or know how to use it.
Preview of Speech: I am really excited to be speaking on behalf of this topic. Personally, I made many changes in my life regarding this and I have been able to see how detrimental it is we all hear about this.

(Link: Lets take a look at some of the effects of social media.)

I. Social Media creates insecurities, and negative body image.
A. Common Sense Media – on its Website, March 10, 2015, - in adolescence, self-consciousness and the need for peer-validation are at their height, and the Internet acts as a kind of “super peer”, providing a quick route to satisfying both concerns.
1. People all around the world, but specifically teens who are looking for that attention, use social media to satisfy their need. But that in turn only makes them compare themselves, and wish they had something they don’t.
2. Appearance ideals have always been unrealistic, but never before have kids been able to dip into such a deep well of judgment and criticism so easily. Body dissatisfaction shows to be on the rise in the United Sates.
B. Instead of creating a positive self-image, and having confidence in themselves, people are turning to the Internet for body image validation.
1. It is such a quick act to tap on Instagram and immediately become upset over someone who you may think is prettier, or seeing something you do not have.
2. According to a study by the Keep it Real Campaign, 80% of 10 year old girls have already been on a diet.
3. They need the Internet and their social media to get through their days, which shows they need it to feel good about themselves.

(Link: Next, I am going to show you how social media and technology is time consuming.)

II. Our form of technology and social media, is what mainly how we spend our days.
A. Huffington Post states, “Smartphones are a near-constant source of distraction in our daily lives. We check them an average of 110 times a day.”
B. Huffington Post even argues that just having our phone there in our sight, can make it a distraction. We are looking at it, and thinking of the things, or to do lists on our phones, just having it sit on the desk in front of us. We reach for it involuntarily.
1. Even though someone may have just check Instagram 2 minutes ago, I see people all around me continue to reload, and thrive off of seeing new social media posts.
2. If nothing is new on Facebook, or Instagram, they will check Twitter. There are so many social media sites out there, which makes it easy to spend hours scrolling.
C. When at a meal with someone or in a church, 30% of people will check their phones.
1. In a popular YouTube video, the man says, “The average person in America spends 4 years of his life looking down at his cell phone.” That even eliminates