Ccs: Initial Prospective On Culture

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Initial Prospective on Culture I am actually looking forward to learning more about culture, because culture is all around us. Every day we experience a piece of culture whether we are aware of it or not and I hope this class will make me even more aware. Culture to me can be defined as a person’s heritage, behavior and religion. One of my favorite songs is “Bleed Red” by Brooks and Dun, this song tells us that we may look and act different but we are all people. My favorite line is “We all bleed red.” Because how true is that? Heritage, ethnicity, where we came from plays a huge roll in culture. Culture relates to where you were raised and also relates to your ancestors. From my life, I grew up in the country and because of it my culture was different from people who grew up in the city. I talk different, act different, and even walk different. Heritage is important when it comes to culture, but so is your behavior. The different manners a person has can be traced back through a person’s heritage. When I invite a friend over to my parent’s house who was from a small family. They would be in shock almost by how crazy our household was with four kids and all our friends. However, to me it’s just another day. Just like heritage and manners, religion plays a large role in our culture as well. I went to private schools for half my life. Every day I knew exactly what I was going to wear because it was the same everyday a uniform. Then I expected my class to have