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Internal Memorandum

SUBJECT: Recommending the Best Career Option for Business Management. INTRODUCTION
At your request here is my report suggesting the best career option after graduation for students in Business Management Program. As this program has high placement rate, this program is one of the best nowadays.
This report includes background of the Business Management, facts and findings about this program. Moreover, we have interviewed one employee working in this field and his reviews are included in this report. From the findings and interview, we have stated the conclusions and recommendations. To assist students in creating solutions, we gathered information and ideas from internet and empower our own experience too, in order to overcome students get diminished. Moreover, we considered current market requirements and technology changes too which will best suit the students to achieve success.
This report presents information describing the effect of the problem, alternative solutions and our recommendations as per the requirement and current market trends.
Career choices
Career 1:- Human Resource Manager (HRM)
To remain in touch with the current world trends as well as traditional trends, HRM can be a good career option for the students. It is responsible for the attraction, selection, training, assessment, and rewarding of employees, as well as overseeing organizational leadership and culture and ensuring compliance with employment and labor laws. In this career, students must have conceptual skills and visionary leadership skills to be a good HR. However, critical problem solving skills and selecting the right candidate are the important aspects and can be difficult at times for HR. Furthermore, student needs experience in this field.
Secondly, the most important aspect for the fresher is HR Assistants to assists the HR. Students can gain experience and grow in the industry as well as their experience gets widen which will help them to become an HR in the near future. Moreover, Global companies are dedicated on retaining the talent and knowledge held by the workforce. All companies are determined on lowering the employee turnover and charge the knowledge. New hiring not only includes a high cost but also higher the risk of person not being able to replace the person who was working at the same position before.
Personal Qualities of an HR Manager
Good communication
Good organization
Team building
Domain knowledge
Hire employees
Pay Check Department
Degree or diploma or in-field certificate in BMGT, Sociology, Psychology, HRM.
App. $36k – $96k

GOOD SALARY: - $46k – $96k is a good salary consider for HR manager annually.
OFFICE JOB MORE OFTEN: The work for HR manager starts when they have to recruit employee otherwise they don`t have much work to do.
JOB SECURITY: Job security is there for HR manager because they are important part of the company hence there is no fear of losing job.
RESTRICTIONS: Sometimes managers have restriction over them in certain department
LEGAL LIABILITIES: Managers in this has too many paper work and they have to sign and verify many legal documents some time.
BEING WATCHED, ALWAYS: There is always someone who can replace him from his position.

Career 2:- Sales representative
According to the present situation of the global market, there is a big opportunity for the students studying in the management field to pursue their job as a sales representative. Sales representative is a person who is employed by a business to represent a business and to sell its products, goods, and services to other business or customers.
The main purpose of sales representative is to create a strong relationship with the existing customer of the company and create more customers so the company can expand their own