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Innocent Drinks is a UK-based company founded in 1999 whose primary business is producing smoothies and flavoured spring water, sold in supermarkets, coffee shops and various other outlets nationally as well as in Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland. Innocent has a 75% share of the £169m UK smoothie market[citation needed] and the company sells two million smoothies per week.[3] Innocent is 58% owned by The Coca-Cola Company.

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It was set up in July 2004 'with the idea of bringing nature and communities closer together for mutual benefit'.[11] This allows Innocent to donate 10% of its profits to charity. The majority of funding goes to overseas projects - to the countries where Innocent source their fruit.[12]
[edit] Controversy
[edit] Product recall

In October 2005 there were several reports of Innocent smoothies "exploding".[13] In 2007, Innocent recalled 100,000 bottles, stating that the explosions were caused by a natural fermentation of the ingredients.[14]
[edit] Advertising claims

In October 2007 Innocent was warned by the Advertising Standards Authority for making unsubstantiated claims about the health benefits of their "superfoods" smoothies stating that their claims could not be backed up by medical science and ordering Innocent to not repeat them.[15]

In 2007 the European Union passed a new law, that would take effect from 2009, which required companies labelling their products as "superfoods" to justify statements that their products are "superfoods", "healthy" or "good for you". [16] Currently Innocent still uses the word "superfruit" in their marketing.[17]
[edit] Charitable donations

On 27 May 2011 the Daily Mail reported that the company had held back money that was intended for the Innocent Foundation. The reporter said: "Analysis