Essay about Integrity: Leadership and Integrity

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Reflection Paper
I feel integrity is an important value that managers need to have, so they can be successful leaders. Integrity is the key for leaders to lead, to give the employees the ability to perform in their jobs. Managers need to always do the right things even if they don’t gain anything and also, they need to be honest. Managers with integrity could help their team to succeed at work by creating an honest, trustful, and freedom work environment. Employees will feel better working in an environment like this one and their productivity tend to be high. Moreover, these are some reasons why managers should lead with integrity; First, when employee have a manager who is honest and work hard with commitment to always do the right thing, they will feel in an stable environment. Employees tend to trust more in managers who support them and are honest. Then, employees tend to follow leaders with integrity and who have strong values to guide them through their job. Third, leaders with integrity give empowerment to employees. Employees feel good knowing that they have the freedom, and won’t be punished or anything, for expressing their ideas and opinion in a respectful and appropriate way.
If managers don’t work with integrity, the employees won’t trust them because they don't like the manager's values, and how the manager is not been upfront with them, so this situation brings fear, distrust and this will be reflected in the work of the employees. Also, managers who