Essay about Intercultural Communication in Business

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Business communication
Intercultural Communication
Harjit Singh Multani
Manjinder Kumar
Jagmeet Singh

 What culture is?
Complex System of value , traits, morals shared by particular set of people.

 Globalization
 Importance
 Things

of trade.

of Intercultural Communication.

affecting Intercultural Communication.

 Workforce


 Attributes

of Culture

Learned –

Rules, values and attitudes of a culture are learned and passed down from generation to generation. For e.g. eating beef is banned in India but commonly eaten in western countries.

Inherently logic –

They are reinforced by traditional values and beliefs and some may not always make sense.
They originate in deep seated belief. For e.g. in Hinduism it is believed that if we incarcerate a body without their eyes they will not get eyes in their next life.

Dynamic –

Culture changes over time and can be caused by change in technology, communication or events like migration, war and natural disaster. For e.g. The dynamic change in Canada’s culture by the migrating immigrants.


 Dimension of culture
 Context –
It can be high or low. Low context cultures are more logical, analytical and action oriented. High context culture are more intuitive, meaningful and thoughtful.

 Individualism and collectivism –
An attitude of independence and freedom from control is individualism. In collectivism they emphasize membership in organizations, groups, teams and they encourage group value, duties and decisions.

 Power Distance –
It measures how people in different societies handle with inequality, how they relate to more powerful individuals.
 Communication Style –
People in low- and high-context cultures tend to communicate differently with words. For e.g. every culture has their own different way of communication.

Importance of intercultural communication  Globalization of market –
Domestic businesses go beyond their domestic borders. For e.g. Starbucks, American coffee chain opening their stores in India, china etc.

 Advancement in transportation and logistics –
Due to technology there is a huge breakthrough in transportation. For e.g. planes carry goods and people from one country to another over night.

 Growing of information and communication –
The growth in Information and communication technology have changed the way we live and we do business. For e.g. any scientific research conducted in one country benefits other countries too due to exchange of information.

 Favourable trade agreements –

The general agreement that promotes open trade globally. For e.g. NAFTA(North American
Free Trade Agreement) allows free trade among USA, Canada and Mexico

 Robust development economy.

The countries which earlier was considered as developing are now boosting robust middle classes. For example- INDIA was earlier only known for cheap labour but now emerging as a growing and promising market.

 Diversity in domestic human resource –

People are moving from one country to another to pursue their dreams and to find more satisfying career. It is possible due to globalization of world commerce. For e.g. massive technology companies such as google offers jobs to brilliant minds from different part of the world.

Workforce diversity
– Merits of Diversity:
 A diverse staff is better able to handle and respond to diverse customers in world market.
 Working in teams is important in organization people from different backgrounds may come up with more diverse and