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TOPIC 1: Development and its association with environmental crisis.

DATE: 18th November 2014


Our development has been degrading from the past centuries due to environmental crisis.
Abundant wealth has been spent in many parts of the world try to fix this damage. Our fertile lands are fertile no more, many animals are on verge of extinction, many seas turning into deserts, the North Pole is melting, and so much more changes. Our environment is not the same as it was. Is nature rebelling against our activities? Yes I think it is. We cut down our trees to build modern cities causing deforestation, we produce enormous toxic waste from our industries, we produce so much carbon(iv)oxide which damages our ozone layer and so on. “The world’s natural recourses were being rapidly depleted, often in the name of development, but the poverty this development was supposed to correct was as widespread as ever”(black enter sustaintibility. Pg.96). This quote shows that the more we try to build and modernize our environment in the name of development, we enhance environmental crises and wide spread of poverty. In this essay I will be examining how the perspective about the relation between development and environment affects our environmental and social justice concerns. By examining environmental crisis such as global warming, species loss, deforestation and toxic waste it can be seen that these factors do not only affect nature and environment, they also affect our social justice system in terms of over population, poverty, migration, starvation and so on. What is environmental crisis? In the views of developed countries or states like Europe and North America environmental crisis can be a disaster happening physically to our planet earth. These countries view things like global warming which is damage to our ozone layer by production of toxic gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide by machines and industries as a catastrophic damage to our planet. This causes melting of the arctic, which causes overflow of water in our oceans and seas therefore causing disasters like flooding and tsunami. “A one-meter rise would displace four million coastal inhabitants in Nigeria, ten million in Vietnam and 15-20 million in Bangladesh”(black enter sustaintibility. Pg.100). These shows that these disaster caused by global warming mostly affect the poor third world countries who are not responsible for the production of these gases because they merely have industries like the ones in the developed countries. These third world countries don’t have a large budget to prevent or take care of these disasters, Therefore resulting to an economic deficit and loss of so much lives and properties. So from my own point of view I think that they need a better and more habitable environment than the development inflicted on them by the first world countries. Toxic waste productions by many industries in the developed world counties such as Europe and North America have caused a serious damage to our environment because they cannot be destroyed completely. They are also poisonous, harmful and dangerous to animal and plant life. The waste cannot be destroyed completely so they are dumped in sea, buried or stored. But they contain harmful chemical in them, therefore contaminating the seas killing animals live in the water and causing diseases like typhoid fever, and cholera to humans that use the water. On land it causes lead poisoning and damage to the soil making impossible for farming. An example can be seen as in Nigeria before the finding of crude oil in the southern part of the country, the people of Niger-delta region of the country live happily depending on fishing and farming. But after the discovery of crude the American shell company built a refinery there with the plans to develop the country and